Concrete Bowling Ball

About the Competition

Concrete Bowling combines design, engineering abilities, and your skills on the alley! Combining engineering design and bowling skills, this competition will put ASCE UH members to the test.

Bowling Rules

  • Standard bowling rules will apply to the actual bowling competition.
  • Each team will bowl 4 frames, for a maximum of nine bowls (in case of a spare or strike in last frame).
  • Standard bowling pins will be used, and the alley will be Masonite with wood wall gutters.
  • In the case of a tie, the poster will be the determining factor.

Design and Construction Rules

  • The bowling balls may not be smaller than 7” and may not exceed 9” in diameter
  • The weight of the ball should not exceed 18lb
  • The ball’s shape must be spherical
  • No resin or epoxy may be used
  • The major constituent of the ball (at least 60%) must be hydraulic (Portland) cement. No prepackaged or premixed concrete may be used.
  • Reinforcements such as reinforcing mesh, metallic or non-metallic, may be used.
  • Absolutely none of the reinforcement may be exposed in the original ball. (Exposure during competition as a result of breakage is allowed.)
  • The mix design is at the discretion of the school, but remember: this is an engineering competition, so get creative!


Each team must submit a poster (24” x 36”) at the competition
The poster must identify

  • School name
  • Mix Design
  • Construction materials and techniques

The aesthetics of the bowling balls and posters will be judged by professionls.


More detailed rules can be found at: Concrete Bowling Ball Rules